Aidan was born in England in 1957 and grew up in New Zealand. There he worked as a full-time sculptor after completing a degree in English literature and a Diploma in Secondary Education teaching. At the age of twenty-five, after becoming a member of the Orthodox Church and returning to live in England, he began painting and carving icons, which he has been doing professionally ever since.

His commissioned work has been primarily for panel icons, which are painted in the traditional way in egg tempera, but has also frescoed churches, illuminated on vellum and carved work in stone and wood for churches. He has over 700 commissioned works in private and church collections in over 15 countries of the world.

He has had numerous articles published on the subjects of iconography, ecology and Orthodox spirituality, has curated four icon exhibitions, and is the founder and tutor to the Diploma in Icon and Wall Painting run by The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts, London. He has spent a total of two years on Mount Athos, mainly at the Holy Monastery of Iviron.

Aidan has recently completed a major work, “Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting”, published by Gracewing. For more information or to buy, click Aidan Hart New Icon Book

  • 1957
  • Born in England
  • 1958-1983
  • Grew up in New Zealand
  • 1976
  • BA from the University of Auckland, NZ
  • 1977
  • Dip. Ed.
  • 1978-1983
  • Worked as a professional sculptor in Auckland
  • 1980-1983
  • Sculpting Tutor at The Auckland Society of Artists
  • 1983
  • On becoming a member of the Orthodox Church he returned to the U.K. and began full-time as an icon carver and painter
  • 1984,5,6
  • Visits Russia to study icons
  • 1987,8
  • Lives in Thessalonika, Greece to study modern Greek at the University of Aristotle and study Byzantine icons
  • 1993,4
  • Lives at Iviron Monastery, Mt Athos Greece with main work as monastery iconographer
  • 2002
  • Became visiting tutor at The Princes School of Traditional Arts, London
  • 2005
  • Began lecturing as a visiting tutor at the Cambridge University International Summer Schools
  • 2009
  • Founded and teaches The Diploma in Icon and Wall Painting in Shropshire, run by The Prince’s School of Traditional Arts


Since 1980 Aidan has completed over 700 private and church commissions. A small selection is listed below

  • 1980
  • Crucifix for St Pauls Anglican Church, Auckland
  • 1981
  • Bronze statue of St Francis of Assisi for St Barnabas Church, Auckland
  • 1984
  • Wooden carved cross for The Parish of St John of Kronstadt. Bath
  • 1985
  • Wooden cross for the Convent of St John of Kronstadt, Bath
  • 1986
  • Wooden cross for a school in Belfast, commissioned by Lord Hilton
  • 1987
  • Bronze icon for Sir John Tavener
  • 1989
  • Icon of St Wilfrid, for Hexham Abbey, Northumberland
  • 1990
  • Large icon for Birmingham Greek Orthodox Cathedral
  • 1991
  • Icons of the Crucifixion and the Virgin for St Anns Church, Kew Gardens, London
  • 1992
  • Tabernacle for the Monastery of St Silouan, Saint Mars de Locquenay, France
  • 1993
  • Carved oak casing for the Portaitissa icon, Iviron Monastery, Mount Athos, Greece | Iviron commissions an icon for His All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomeios | Iviron commission a design of large embroidery to adorn the Portaitissa icon
  • 1995
  • Fresco the chapel of the Hermitage of St. Anthony and St Cuthbert, Shropshire
  • 1996
  • Twelve feast icons for St Johns Anglican Church, Clevedon, Bristol
  • 1996-2000
  • Carved oak icon screen, icons and stone altar for The Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Fathers, Shrewsbury.
  • 1997
  • The Antiochian Deanery of Britain commission an icon of St Chad for Lichfield Cathedral
  • 1998
  • Icon screen, icons, tabernacle and silver lamps for the Chapel of St Josephs Presbytery, Barnoldswick, Lancashire
  • 1999
  • Icon of the Virgin for Hereford Cathedral
  • 1999-2004
  • Icons for HRH The Prince of Wales
  • 2000-2003
  • Illustrations on vellum for The Saint Johns Bible, St. Johns Abbey. Minnesota, USA.
  • 2003
  • Fresco the Chapel of the Holy Veil in Limni, Evia, Greece | Fresco of the Annunciation for a private house in Cumbria
  • 2004
  • Fresco for HRH The Prince of Wales, at Highgrove, England
  • 2005
  • Icons of the Mother of God and St. Nicholas for St Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle-on-Tyne | Icon of Francis of Assisi for church in Spain | Transfiguration icon for St Gasty Retreat House, Wales | The Bishop of Warwick commissions an icon of the Transfiguration
  • 2006
  • The Merciful Jesus for St Martins Church, Cardiff | Carve icon screen and paint the icons for The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Camberwell, London
  • 2007
  • Frescoes for a private chapel in Keswick, Cumbria | Frescoes for chapel of Shrewsbury School | Icon for Carlisle Cathedral
  • 2008
  • Icon of John the Baptist for St Johns University, Minneapolis. | Portrait bust commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales of Patrick Holden, Director of the Soil Association
  • 2009-2010
  • Portrait bust of the Bishop of London, Richard Chartes, commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales. | Carve stone icon screen for St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Amsterdam. | Two metre high “Romanesque” crucifix for St Urban’s Catholic Church, Leeds

  • 1978
  • Outreach, Auckland, NZ
  • 1979
  • Vision Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • 1980
  • Denis Cohen Gallery, Auckland, NZ
  • 1982
  • Barry Stern Galleries, Sydney, Australia
  • 1991
  • Oriel 31, Newtown, Wales | Victoria Art Gallery, Bath | Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery
  • 1999
  • The Pumphouse, Auckland; works on vellum
  • 2000
  • Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury | The Pieridis Gallery, Athens
  • 2004
  • Bear Steps Gallery, Shrewsbury | Art in Essence, Mandeville Place, London
  • 2005
  • Long and Ryle, London | Minneapolis Museum for The St John’s Bible, volumes I-III
  • 2006
  • The Victoria and Albert Museum, volume IV of The Saint John’s Bible | Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, USA, for St Johns Bible volumes I-III | Tyler Museum of Art. Texas, St Johns Bible | Museum of Biblical Image and Art, New York, St Johns Bible | Library of Congress, Washington, DC, St Johns Bible | “Sacred Iconography: A Living Tradition”, at The Princes Foundation, London.
  • 2007
  • “Epiphany: Contemporary iconographers” at Wallspace Gallery, London.

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