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Footage of Mosaic for St George’s Orthodox Church, Houston, Texas

After one and half years and around half a million hand-cut tesserae, our two mosaics for St George’s Orthodox Church, Houston, USA, are now installed. Please click here, or go to the Mosaic section of the website, to see images of the completed works. Many thanks to Fr. James Shadid for instigating such a remarkable project. And thanks too to all the hands who came to help Martin Earle and I complete the work – whether for an afternoon, for a week or for a month – Vasiliki Argyropoulou , Svetlana Elantseva, Ada Germany, Jane Bracey, Jodi Le Bigre, Victoria Handbury-Madin, Anna Karantanis, Janina Zang, Michael Hallzon, Lisa Abbott and Thomas Hogg. This video was filmed outside the studio, before the mosaic panels where shipped to Houston in December…

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