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2nd Edition of Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting now available

bookcoverA new edition of Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting is now available to buy. As well as making updates and correcting typos, a very useful five page index has been added – no more wasted hours searching for the page on egg glazes or hog haired bushes!

The Techniques of Icon and Wall Painting is the most  comprehensive book to date on the techniques of icon and wall painting and has established itself as the seminal work on the subject. Translations are pending in Polish and Arabic. 460 pages. Over 450 colour illustrations and over 160 drawings. 227mm x 278mm. Hard cover, £40. Gracewing Publishers.

“I know of no comparable work in the English language that deals with the technique of icon painting in such a thorough and comprehensive manner. Yet, while concerned with technique, the treatment is never merely technical. At every point we see how technique reveals a transfigured world. Spirituality and technology are combined together, so that each illuminates the other.”

From the Preface by Kallistos Ware, Metropolitan of Diokleia


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