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Consultancy & Design


As well as making liturgical art works, Aidan Hart Icons also offers design and consultation services to churches – Greek and Russian Orthodox but also Roman Catholic and Anglican.

Whether a parish is making a new church or remodelling an existing one, it is essential that the design of the interior be informed by a deep understanding of the church’s liturgical life, theology, and tradition, and by working experience of the full range of mediums traditionally used in church art, such as fresco, secco, panel iconography, wood and stone carving, mosaic, furniture design, metalwork, and embroidery.

With over twenty-five year’s experience in creating liturgical arts in all these mediums, Aidan Hart and his team are in a unique position to offer consultation and design services to create a unified and prayerful church interior.
Aidan Hart icons has not only created over 800 icon panels, but also frescoed a number of chapels, designed, made and erected numerous icon screens and altars in both wood and stone, designed large embroideries for Mount Athos, made silver lamps, and created a number of overall schemes for church interiors.

Liturgical worship is a sacred drama that unites all the arts in the love of God. The aim of these arts is to create a symphony in which all the players work together harmoniously. Church design needs understanding of all these liturgical arts. The church’s physical setting – the architecture, icons, wall paintings, mosaics, icon screen, furniture, and lighting – should all reinforce and support the liturgical life that occurs within that church: the chanting, the intoned liturgical texts, the censing, the ritual movements of the clergy and people.

As well having a range of skills within the company – chiefly panel icons painting, fresco, secco and wood and stone carving – we work closely with a range of other highly skilled craftsmen such as silversmiths and cabinetmakers who can execute our designs to the highest standards.

We also work with an architect who has a special interest and experience in church design.