Because of its brilliance mosaic has always been considered the most glorious expression of liturgical beauty. Its angled tesserae play with light. It doesn’t fade and it endures outside, while the flowing lines of tesserae called andamenta create wonderful rhythms. The intense colours and the andamenta suggest a world transfigured, restored to paradisiacal splendour.

Aidan Hart Icons bring over thirty years of experience in iconography to its mosaic design and creation. Our commissions to date range in size from one and a half metres (five feet) in diameter to our most recent mosaics almost five metres (sixteen feet) high. We apply the lessons we have learned from years of studying Byzantine and Roman masterpieces. Rather than try to imitate painted icons, our mosaic designs aim to make the most of the particular strengths of the medium. We use the direct method of laying the tesserae so that we can angle them to obtain the maximum play of light. Please click here for a brief overview of our mosaic technique.

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We would be delighted to discuss any ideas you have for either a church or a private commission.